Ten of the best from Bitterwallet's year that was - numbers 8 and 7...

Because it’s the time of year when people do this kind of thing (no news) here’s two more from our ten top-viewed stories of the year they’ve all been calling ‘The Year Of Bitterwallet’

Numbers ten and nine can be found here and there’ll be two more tomorrow as we hurtle helplessly towards the number one spot.

twenty_1432659c1 8: The 20p coin that could bag you a cool £50

Summer began with a bang in June when we all became amateur currency sleuths and wannabe coin dealers. It happened when the news emerged that a rogue batch of new 20p coins had slipped out into circulation with one side featuring the old design and one featuring the new design. Spooky.

As coin-dealing company The London Mint Company publicised the story and announced they’d swap a £50 note for one of the coins, the nation became gripped by 20p fever. In truth, the shrewd London Mint Company will probably end up making a huge profit as the coins become evermore scarce.

A modern-day goldrush! Yee-haw!

Only slightly more popular than our ‘How to chew paper and shit pound notes’ story.

3367659514_c6142563027:  Spotted on the Gatwick Express…

Charting at number seven in our most popular stories is a simple but beautiful piece of signage from the Gatwick Express. Was it a refreshingly honest piece of communication to passengers or just a nifty prank?

Either way, it made scores of readers smile and somewhere between 58 and 7 million of you looked at it in 2009.

Only slightly more popular than our ‘Rumour: New vertical runway set for Gatwick’ story.

Tune in tomorrow for numbers six and five in our 2009 countdown…

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