Ten of the best from Bitterwallet’s week that was

In case you’ve missed parts of Bitterwallet over the past week, or have been in a diabetic coma after gorging on Easter eggs before the starting pistol even blew, here’s some of the best bits from the last few days all tied up in a nice parcel with links and like, EVERYTHING…

Omegle – talk jibber jabber with complete strangers. Make it weird and see how long you can string it out for. Now including nuts, sluts and perverts, which means it's more or less over.

The Hilton at Grosvenor Street in Edinburgh – worst hotel ever? (Note to Charlotte at lastminute – you’ve gone a bit quiet on this one.)

We like square butts and we cannot lie. An ad that briefly put some lead in our jaded pencils.

The Easter egg hunt with jobs to be found instead of stupid old chocolate. Chocolate better than a job? Maybe.

Got a goat in a coat that you want to send to a moat without using a boat? You’ll need a reliable courier of large packages. See here.

Never mind Easter eggs – try hunting for a £9 Travelodge room in one of their more illustrious hotels during one of their regular ‘sales.’

Now you can sniff chocolate like glue. Hooray! (Other solvents ARE available)

He used to be Bobby Ewing but now Patrick Duffy is confused and lives with a large crab. Is it an ad? We neither know nor care.

What do you if you buy an 18-cert game and find a bunch of drugs stuffed in it? Isolate the narcotics and give the game to a 12-year old of course!

What’s the next iPhone REALLY going to be like? In our opinion, if it doesn’t have a rear view mirror it can screw off.

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  • acecatcher3
    i dont know if i had any influence with this week roundup but thanks andy, i think this will interest alot of ppl.

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