Ten of the best from Bitterwallet's week that was...

Picture 5 Get those peepers wide open everyone - here comes the very best of the past week's offerings from the eyegasm that is Bitterwallet....

* Sky Go is coming to your computers and phones and that – and it’s free

* Fixed-rate mortgages – is now the right time?

* Murder suspects are superheroes, too – or are they?

* Beware the Tesco bait-and-switch

* The iPhone 5 experiment – what fresh hell is this?

* Nationwide call it a credit card promotion, we call it profiteering

* What? Bailey’s makes you fat? What do we do now?

* Xbox720 to debut at E3 2012?

* Why HMRC “refuses to discuss” eBay, web-robots and your personal information

* Now you can leave the restaurant without asking for the bill

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