Ten of the best from Bitterwallet's week that was...

Bitterwallet - Fijit top toy 2011 It's that time once again when we all like to place ourselves in a horizontal position, dim the lights, take the batteries out of the clocks and peruse the finest moments from this week's Bitterwallet output. 3-2-1... GO!

* It’s nearly summer, time for Christmas toys 2011! (pictured)

* More stealth taxes – councils start charging those with gardens

* NSFW – cinema texter turned into movie trailer

* How to upgrade your iPad and iPhone to iOS5 – proceed with caution

* Consumer advice – don’t consume too much booze

* Upheld ASA complaints group up on Groupon

* Are Kindle Books a threat to your personal privacy?

* Two signs are better than one in St Albans

* Send Business Register scammers to the slammer, says Tory MEP

* If you only buy one photographic print of a woman rejecting a plate of food this year…

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