Ten of the best from Bitterwallet's week that was...

emergency-toilet It's been another weird week in the schizophrenic world that is Bitterwallet. We've had everything form free money to wannabe male models to free-defecating to the shameless ripping off of Take That fans. Been pretty quiet in all honesty... but here's the best bits.

* Are law firms to blame for spiralling motor insurance premiums?

* Free Flights! Free Money! Are the credit card freebies too good to be true?

* Now you can do your doings anywhere without shocking or alarming anyone… (pictured)

* Quidco iPhone app offers cashback for check-ins

* Is your internet usage as high as BT claims it is?

* Vodafone gets legal on customer for complaining on Facebook

* Bought games from GAME? Len Dastard needs your help

* Make Roland the Next model

* Hans Brinker – “best hotel in the world” is the “worst hotel ever”

* The Alpharooms experience – dark, confusing, uncaring

* Ticketindex.net accused of ripping off Take That fans

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