Ten of the best from Bitterwallet's week that was

302400799 Here's the finest picks from this week's Bitterwallet offering - we're the site about which Kim Jong Il recently said: 'Yes, I'll let them see that one. That is a good one.'

Let the good times roll aboard East Midland Trains

*  8,000 year old wizard cannot magic VAT away.

*  Would you like files with that? McDonalds’ latest employees are a bunch of uneducated androids

*  NSFW: You can’t ever go wrong with a sweary children’s toy

*  Nintendo want ALL of your 3DS photos and videos for themselves

*  Video leak of Wii 2

*  Eight what are great: Canned foods

*  Ryanair, scratchcards and the most confused scam ever

*  Persistent text marketing, fictional solicitors and suspect ads. Wonga.com aren’t so friendly now.

*  All hail the Percy Pig ice cream! (pictured)

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