Ten of the best from Bitterwallet's week that was.

GokaFon-20 Here's your chance to relive those Bitterwallet glory days of earlier in the week or just to catch up with what you might have missed while you were busy recovering from a life-threatening illness or something. Enjoy.

*  Len Dastard asks… what’s your favourite stupid law?

*  Vodafone gives everything to charity

*  Mobile phones to charge-up by the power of your voice?!

*  BMI Baby bring out an innovative new loyalty scheme that’s nothing like a loyalty scheme.

*  Half a million T-Mobile customers charged for ‘ghost’ calls never made

*  Voluptuous Debenhams come up with new ’spot the body shape’ game

*  Google finally launches Music Beta

Groupon launches Groupon Now, for coupons now

EU fiddling with mobile contracts brings good and bad news

Google Chromebook laptop to launch on 15th June

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