Ten of the best from Bitterwallet's week that was...

nets_foxconn Form an orderly queue once again as you all prepare to look on our works and DESPAIR!!

O2 charge more for sending texts than emails while abroad

Bin your landline. If you can.

*  Bin Laden’s death – Taiwan CGI news geniuses bring us the truth

*  Could you live off £1.79’s worth of Sainsbury’s food a day? Would you want to?

Debenhams wrestled into sumbmission by Consumer champ Len Dastard

T-Mobile ‘ghost’ calls – more Bitterwallet readers affected

*  Spotify step into the ring with new iTunes-killer

*  Now smokers are being charged to smoke…

*  FOUND! The Premier Inn with the heavenly view! Except…

iSuicides prevented at Foxconn (pictured) by life-treasuring pledge-signing

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