Ten of the best from Bitterwallet's week that was...

Here’s the best of the bits from the Bitterwallet wallet from the week that just was there just a few hours ago.

Npower – they’re nothing when faced with middle-aged-manpower. A win for Mr Kim Stephenson.

Another consumer scoring a hit against the big companies – Tom Beckett vs B&Q.

Win #3? Now Ofcom want to hear from o2 customers who are unhappy over iPhone tethering charges.

A big lose for bloggers’ privacy as Night Jack’s identity is unveiled and his site disappears.

Some light relief. Uber-violence from in coffee ads from Jim Henson’s early versions of the Muppets.

Would you work for free to help your massive corporate employers stay afloat? That’s what BA want their minions to do.

More transport bollocks. Get some money back if the Tube strike knacked your day up.

Hands for heads. Giant hands for heads. It’s a demented Japanese TV ad. Trust us, you’ll love it.

Still with the Japanese, here’s some of their greatest vending machines. Live lobster anyone? (pic above)

How spam could soon see user numbers plummet if Facebook aren’t careful.

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