Ten of the best from Bitterwallet's week that was...

15668712 So with only a few minutes of the weekend left, here's a belated look back over the past seven days of Bitterwalleteering...

Nintendo – why you won’t see a 3D Wii

PR put Groupola in a hole, PR tries to dig Groupola back out

Microsoft phone scam being run from Indian call centres

Ryanair announce ash cloud-busting profits

Bitterwallet takes Shop Direct shenanigans to OFT and Trading Standards

Microsoft unveil Kinect price. World says ‘Are you sure?’

Charity sabotages Asda clothes

EyeExperts.com is “a shambles” says Bitterwallet reader

H&M and Primark accuse bored blogger of spying

David Beckham (pictured) boosts Lego sales! Or does he?

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