Ten of the best from Bitterwallet's week that was...

Elton John Party Go and write down your ten favourite stories from Bitterwallet from the past week or so, and the bury the piece of paper in a hole in the garden. Then leave it for a couple of hours before digging it up again and comparing it to our top ten list below. How many did you match up? All ten? Sadly, there's no prize as it's just for fun. Weird fun.

Got an Oyster card? Cheap day returns from London from £5

Police put in the picture regarding photographers’ rights

Forget 3D football, bring on the holgraphic television!

Once Next have your personal data, they have it forever

Product placement finally coming to UK telly? (pictured)

Retail meltdown – man in full-on argue-barmy with shopping mall

Kin hell! Microsoft pull new ’social phone’

Halifax reshuffle sees you stuck in Post Office queues

Facebored? Google Me looking to be the next big thing

Groupola £99 iPhone shenanigans continue

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