Ten of the best from Bitterwallet's week that was...

Right then, it’s the weekend and the sun is blazing down with more intensity than a sobbing child in the middle of the Britain’s Got Talent stage. You’d think that would mean a break from Bitterwallet wouldn’t you?

Wrong-o! Here’s our best bits again, just so you can look back and try to remember where you where when you read them the first time. A few days ago. BRILLIANT!

A DVD with 10,000 times more storage than at present? Total bollocks? Who knows – we believe anything scientists tell us. Especially Australian ones.

Hoorrrrrrr-pheeeeeewwwwww. The sound of a snore. But is there a cure? Apparently not. Bugger.

When does ‘thrifty not crazy’ become ‘crazy thrifty?’ Our Vince knows. So shut up and listen.

3 Like Home. The service that 3 dropped so that they could shed a load of customers. Not really, but that’s how it's starting to look.

The Palm Pre. Sounds like a rancid skin infection of the hand but it’s actually a rather smart phone.

The travel agent that will bug you through your computer screen when all you’re trying to do is fuck up a holiday booking.

So this computer you’re on now. When you’re finished with it, will you recycle it or throw it in a ditch? Guess what – we’re running out of ditches.

The pound is gradually regaining strength against the dollar. Pretty soon it’ll give it a hell of a ‘pounding.’ Boom-tsch!

Microsoft’s new search engine cometh. “You want to know what the capital of Botswana is? Hang on, I’ll just Bing it.” EH??

Hooray for yooouuuuu! The $24.95 self-help CD that will cheer in your ear, you downtrodden idiot schmuck.

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  • Carola B.
    Super Beitrag - gefällt mir.

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