Ten of the best from Bitterwallet’s week that was

piano_handsIt’s the weekend and if you’ve got the time, we’ve got the energy, baby. Here’s a quirky glance back over our shoulders at the best bits from Bitterwallet’s beautiful week….

The hotel booking website that has done a survey that shows that hotels are cheap and great and everything!

Denmark – land of free love filled with drunk, horny girls who don’t give a toot about contraception. Or is it?

Black Horse – it’s no beauty. It’s actually the finance company that is most likely to wrongfully reject your complaints.

We want mechanical, piano-playing robotic hand attachments (pictured) and we want them NOW!

‘Which? – no advertising, no bias, no hidden agenda.’ No truth in any of that?

The bonkers Asda nightshift boy compelled to smash up the staff room and lick the raw chickens.

How to get out of your T-Mobile contract. But be warned, they’re putting up a scrap.

Datz – the music download service that went horribly tits-up. But Sainsburys kept flogging it.

Burberry launch a hip, new social network that makes us want to wipe our arses on all of their products.

Your hangovers from the Orange cancellation binge. Guess what; there’s administrative errors galore.

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