Ten of the best from Bitterwallet's week that was.

It’s been another busy week at Bitterwallet, or as they’re calling it over in Germany, Das Pleasewallet.

When we haven’t been busy fiddling our expenses so that the boss pays for us to get our parrots hosed in a special brine or our entire blood supply replaced, we’ve been pumping out some more magnificent stories. Here’s the best of them…

Five ways you can nab a bargain holiday this summer.

How to ease the pain of negative equity.

The 80-mile train journey that will take you 18 hours.

Smart meters? When we haven’t even got raisin taps yet?

The creepy PC ad where Daddy’s little girl gets a desktop treat.

Some alternative sources of cash if your bank has knocked you back.

The internet cowboy who didn’t ride off into the sunset. He’s probably off to jail instead.

Billy Idol gave us Eyes Without A Face – here’s a watch without a face.

Vodafone scrap roaming charges for the summer – generous or cynical?

Whereas 3 go the other way, binning their roaming service and maybe giving their customers a reason to bail out.

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    i enjoy these articles............(my pic needs to go up this week andy) x

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