Ten of the best from Bitterwallet’s week that was...

It’s been another hardcore-busy week at Bitterwallet and we’ve scarcely had enough time to sit around listening to reggae or play ‘Name That Pencil.’ Maybe next week.

Meanwhile, here’s some of the stuff we’ve unfurled before your eyes over the past seven days. Indulge yourself in some futile nostalgia or see what you missed that day you caught a train to Rotherham but couldn’t remember why…

Now that you can hook up to BT Openzone in branches of Starbucks, your iPhone will surf the net even faster. How much more of a complete tool you want to look is up to you.

The National Lottery – is it a worthwhile investment programme or a great big idiot tax? Clue – it isn’t the former. For lottery players, that means the first one.

Lego Rock Band – like something someone would have suggested in a pub when the conversation lagged, but you KNOW it’ll be immense. Well done all.

We try to scratch beneath the surface of airline booking fees. But they’ve probably added newer, worser ones since we wrote this a few days ago.

Toby Jones. First, there was a storage yard. Now, deep fried everything and foot massage. Is he for real?

Adidas Originals. A brand new range of leisurewear that won’t just make you look an utter twat – you’ll actually literally be one.

The gadget graveyard. A rundown of stuff we loved but eventually banished from our glittering, modernistic homesteads.

Books, glorious books. Now you can print any one of from 400,000-string list in your local bookstore. If it’s Blackwells on Charing Cross Road.

All the deals aren’t hot you know. Here’s the worst of the worst. Including a KFC deal that can only have been posted by an idiot (reading this are you sunshine?)

At last – a rundown of all the rogue Bitterwallet trolls, their various alter-egos and their real HUKD user names. You’ll be VERY surprised…


  • acecatcher3
    looooooooooooool thanks for this one andy, i did chuckle at the kfc idiot reference and then the last link also fooled me!
  • Amanda H.
    Damn that last link.
  • Dave
    zzzz RickRolling is so 2007.
  • Andy D.
    I was being ironic.
  • Darren
    Cant believe I got Rickrolled by Bitterwallet.
  • Robin
    Rickrolled here too. Bastards.
  • fayshun
    My first ever rickroll, c*nts.
  • KP
    bastards. Got me proper.

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