Ten of the best from Bitterwallet’s week that was…

8 August 2009

It’s been another fun-packed week here at Bitterwallet HQ as we brought you the best deals, consumer stories and rude ads. Same as every other week really – we’re like some kind of unstoppable internet juggernaut.

Here’s the best bits to get your pulses racing all over again…

The hair-raising sequence of emails from an angry online barber. Advice – never anger a barber, folks.

The mysterious case of the exploding iPods – and why Apple don’t want anyone to talk about them.

The Google vs Bing showdown. At last we know what Page 3 girl Ruth (surname unknown) makes of it all.

Your five-step guide to success in the small claims court. Step one – don’t go dressed only in your swimming trunks.

We ask you – tell us all about some outstanding customer service for a change.

Would you drink half-strength beer if it saved you 60p a pint? Looks fucking stupid when you see it written down.

Plans for a new rail network could see Ryanair’s domestic service blown out of the sky – the gaffer isn’t happy.

The Japanese silicone egg that promises to enhance your ‘special alone time.’

Don’t spend any ‘special alone time’ with this man – especially on a train.

Super-cool Scott rings up Orange in a bid to cancel his contract. If you’re reading this Orange, this war ain’t over.

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