Ten Of The Best from Bitterwallet's week that was...

It’s almost the start of a new week so let’s cast a weary eye over the best bits of the one that went before here at Bitterwallet.

Was it much cop? You can bet your bloody wig it was. Here's the highlights...

Are credit card providers turning their backs on those of us with a good credit history?

The deal of a lifetime – the Michael Jackson commemorative plate

Now you can convert your gold into cash, and do it via the post

Looking for a useless electric motorcycle? Best Buy are coming to the UK and they stock ‘em

The Apple timeline - a history in pictures. Cue the hands of thousands of Apple fanboys heading directly down the fronts of their pants

An exhaustive guide to dealing with dodgy parking fines. In two parts – part one is here while part two is here

Ryanair withdraw some planes from Stansted. Obviously, it’s all completely the fault of Stansted.

The free gift from B4UDirect that you can’t actually have. It’s not completely apparent why that is

Be Broadband and their vile new website (pictured). Possibly called ‘Jazz Odyssey’ – hope you enjoy their new direction

The 3D camera is here. Yes – it’s true. They’ll be making cameras that can look into our tummies next…

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