Ten of the best from Bitterwallet's week that was

Just so you know, here’s the very best of the stuff we made at Bitterwallet this week. That doesn’t mean that the other stuff was rubbish – on the contrary. In fact, now that we think about it, the other stuff was so good that if we put up links to it, it would blow your eyeballs out.

That crazy old Ryanair wants standing room for passengers. Next up from the Sky Marshall – compulsory Hokey Cokey-ing before take-off.

Aviva’s insurance isn’t the cheapest and they’re happy to tell everyone in their ads. A-who-va now?

Asda are sending their staff to China, to dodge race riots and suggest new products for the supermarket to stock.

That bank charges court case – the banks are what’s known in the financial world as ‘shitting it.’

You don’t have to love C&W music to love this anti-United Airlines song. But it helps a bit.

Did you suspect Britain’s 3G coverage was a bit crap? You were wrong – it’s mostly diabolical.

Three hippopoticorns howling at the moon? Been there, seen that, now wear the t-shirt (pictured).

How to get yourself off the database of mobile phone directory service 118800.

This undated 20p piece phemonenon – here’s the lowdown.

And back to Ryanair again, as the airline happily plugs a video that slates them. We’re starting to love them – they’re like some kind of punk rock airline.

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