Teenager swaps rubbish mobile-phone for Porsche

porscheA while ago, some smart-ass managed to swap a singular red paperclip for a house. His story was a fun one, if slightly disingenuous because it was the media coverage of said story that enabled so many cool trades.

However, some clever little git who goes by the name of Steven Ortiz, didn't have the media coverage and managed to swap (eventually), a really crappy old mobile phone for a Porsche.

The 17-year old boy used Craigslist to trade an old phone (the kind you'd bin)  for an iPod Touch. He then traded that for a dirt bike... then some more dirt bikes... eventually hitting a run that included a MacBook Pro and a 1987 Toyota 4Runner.

After a few more swaps, he bagged a '75 Ford Bronco (which is considered a collectible in some circles) which saw him being offered a Porsche Boxster.

The things he turned down were just as mental. Someone offered him a locksmith business!

Read the full tale at Neatorama then curse the talented little haggling shit. It's only a matter of time before Dave Gorman writes a book about this.


  • Stewie G.
    "Teenager swaps rubbish mobile-phone for Porsche" No he doesn't
  • Jamie
    "No he doesn’t." By the transitive property of swapping, he did.
  • PokeHerPete
    What the hell. I have never heard about this or the red paperclip one. There are some absolute bollocks trades going on here. For example the paperclip guy traded a keg of beer and a neon sign for a snowmobile?!? And who the fuck would give you a dirt bike for a iPod touch? Where were these dumb fuck traders when I wanted a shiny Mewtwo for my common Ekans Pokemon card.
  • donttouchthehair
    What's he going to swap for petrol and insurance? His kidney?

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