Teenage lust driving instant messages


An approximate 300 billion messages will be sent on mobile devices this year.

According to estimates by Deloitte, the amount of messages sent on the likes of WhatApp, iMessage, Facebook and all that is set to be double to around 300 billion to the relatively puny 160 billion of 2013.

Admittedly a lot of these messages are the kids flirting and smiling and throwing emoticons at each other. There's no instant message version of War & Peace or anything.

According to the report, the rapid to-and-fro of instant messages often replicates phone conversations or face to face chats, but in written form. Obviously. Someone should update that spreadsheet to feature that groundbreaking finding.

Deloitte's technology, media and telecoms research head Paul Lee said "Teenage romance is appropriating technology for its needs,"

"A constant among humans is courting and they use different tools to do it. It used to be hanging on the phone, now it's instant messaging."

The average human sends seven texts a day, whereas instant messaging types send around 46 a day.

There's also, what Deloitte claim are 'superusers' flooding the messaging networks with almost spam-like drivel. The surge is being driven by what Deloitte claim is a quarter of mobile phone users (ie: the kids).

Well done our kids!

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