Tat too much? What would you do for a lifetime of deals?

At first, people thought it was an April Fool - but no, it turned out that US retailers Ecko were deadly serious. They're offering a 20% discount on all their goods - for life - to anybody who has their company logo tattooed on their person. For realz.

Bitterwallet - Ecko tattoo

It's a ludicrous idea, but Ecko will do really well out of it. First, it's a great conversation piece - people will talk about the deal, meaning there'll be plenty of potential customers hearing about Ecko for the first time. Lots of buzz, lots of discussion - and that's without a single person having their skin inked.

ecko tattoo 2 But then there'll be the nutjobs who go through with it, and have one of the logos tattooed on their body. They'll become creatures of curiosity - real-life evangelists for the company and minor celebrities. Batshit crazy ones, admittedly, but they'll get talked about plenty, which means even more conversation about Ecko in the process.

It's a more original way to get attention than branded carrier bags, but only the most loyal customers will step up for the discount. That said, most of us use products by brands we feel passionate about. We all have very particular buying habits, and if the right brand offered a significant discount for life, we might be tempted.

So what would it take? If your favourite company offered you a lifelong discount on their goods, how far would you go to receive it? A tattoo? An indecent proposal? Fluff the local store manager?

We're of the mind that you're a filthy bunch of rogues and perverts, so prove us right in the comments.


  • Jack D.
    I have Lidl tattooed on my pork sword which gets me 10% off my groceries. You should see the smiles on customers faces when I slap it against the barcode reader.
  • amin
    good one jack
  • Bazinga
    20%? Pathetic. I'd have done it for 21%.
  • Julian
    The Marc Ecko Cut & Sew stuff is pretty good but expensive. The tattoo designs are no worse, if not better, than 99% of flash you see in a tattooist. If they had a UK store I'd be tempted for 20% off a Boba Fett hoodie, after all it doesn't say how big the tattoo has to be and it can be customised so I'm sure I could work it into a decent design.
  • The B.
    Presumably will be following suit as they have the same client base?
  • The B.
    ^^^ Bench. Bollocks.
  • TimB
    I actually quite like the shears. I'm sure they could be incorporated into a pretty good design in their own right.

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