Tassles for toddlers are a little twisted

18 August 2009

Bloody hell, I know times are tight people, but sending the kids out on the game just isn't on. Who buys this for their children, or as a present for those of a friend? You wouldn't wear this yourself, why push it on a toddler?

[TwistedTwee] via [BuzzFeed]


  • Martha F.
    You haven't picked a colour yet...
  • Nobby
    > Who buys this ... as a present for those of a friend? A paedophile.
  • Gary G.
  • Gah
    Gah...... *puke*
  • Bill G.
    Does it come with bluetooth?
  • Amanda H.
    I thought it said "choose a nipple size". THAT would make ~slightly~ more sense.

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