Target achieve 'thigh-gap' by genital butchering

One of the weirder fashion trends that has cropped up over the years is the advent of the 'thigh-gap', where women want a triangular void between their legs, whether their skeleton allows it or not.

Of course, a lot of fashion brands have noticed this and Target decided they wanted in too with their Xhilaration Junior's Midkini 2-piece leopard print swimsuit.


Now, whether you should be advising young women (hence the 'junior' bit of the description) to go for a thigh-gap is one thing. However, if you look at the close up, Target's idea of achieving a thigh-gap is quite peculiar. It seems, ladies, if you want one for yourself, you must erase your under-gusset up to somewhere in the region of your pubis.

Photoshop disaster, 101.

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  • Han S.
    Just happenned to stumble across pictures of a 'junior' in a bikini on the Internet Mof?

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