Taming your laptop cables for buttons

The cheap and cheerful hack for a tidier workspace - assuming your desktop isn't more than half an inch thick. Perfect for the laptop users amongst you, or if you're keen to prove to the boss your frugal ways. Brown-nose.

Bitterwallet - cheap and cheerful cable-tidy



  • Joe S.
    Hmm... "frugal" and using an Apple laptop (that's the connector on the far left)? Also looks like an Apple USB cable too. Seems a bit of a contradiction!
  • Rash B.
    I have this problem when I get to work in the morning, my cables all over the floor and shit. This is awesome.
  • Amanda H.
    Try plugging them in.
  • Nobby
    Looks neater than my duck tape on the back of the monitor solution.

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