TalkTalk announce Sky Sports deal

football TalkTalk are going to start offering live Sky sports channels by offering day passes. BSkyB are keen to make some more money as the price of the football rights has rocketed for them after BT Sports started throwing their weight around.

TalkTalk customers will be able to watch live Sky sports for £9.99 a day.

The company have been doing well in recent months, adding customers to their TV package deal, broadband on thousands of homes via a contract with the Post Office, who now have their own broadband offer.

Some have accused TalkTalk of allowing Sky to swipe their customer base, but chief executive Dido Harding isn't having it. She said: "Our numbers show that that is simply not the case. You have seen gentle broadband growth from us for five consecutive quarters. Other people can worry about macho numbers, our ambition is to sell our existing 4 million customers more products."

"We are delighted with the material step up in our revenue growth during the quarter, which shows the powerful effect of combining a modestly growing customer base, disciplined pricing and promotional activity, and strong new product growth particularly in TV."

The important bit for you: which Sky channels will be available? Well, you can get Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 and 4, Sky Sports F1 and Sky Sports News.


  • Han S.
    TalkTalk's ambition ought to be to provide their existing customers with a not-so-shitty service. BitterWallet's ambition should be to sort out that fucking trolley.
  • Richard
    It's kind of ironic how increased competition which is meant to lower prices for consumers but because there's only a limited amount of rights to go around it's meant the prices the tv companies pay have increased and so now they have to charge consumers more. :-P
  • Gherkin M.
    Hey stop writing old articles that are cut and pasted and get on and deal with the trolley
  • barry f.
    piss off you rusty trolley shit peddling cunt
  • Gherkin M.

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