Talk Talk to buy Blinkbox

blinkbox Talk Talk are in talk talks to take on Tesco's troubled Blinkbox streaming service.

The phone firm are looking at it, and checking the tyres with a view to it helping strengthen their TV business.

Blinbox was acquired by Tesco in 2011 in a bid to be a sort-of Netflix type thing, along with music streaming. However when Tesco sailed into problems back in September, it was one of the first things that were fingered to be sold off in October.

Analysts expect Lewis to announce the disposal of non-core assets on January 8th, when he is due to outline his strategy for reviving the fortunes of Britain's biggest grocer.

Vodafone had also looked at Blinkbox, which analysts say could be worth about £14 million, but that clearly didn't happen past the 'exchanged numbers with a vague plan for a meal' stage of negotiations.

TalkTalk and Tesco declined to comment.

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