Talk rubbish with the Social Media phrase generator

media nodeDo you have to stand before a room full of people and say absolute horsepiss comments to get money out of them whilst tapping at nonsensical graphs? Do you write 'synergy' on Niceday flip-charts and underline it in different coloured pen? Do you ever run out of words when you need to deliver that killer line to a bunch of yapping twits?

Do these phrases sound useful? "I want to maximise the customer experience, driving engagement and bringing the brand alive and ignite the existing community and attract new members by amplifying the experience with relevant and engaging content."

Then you need to pay WhatTheFuckIsMySocialMediaStrategy a visit. It is full of swear words and gobbledegook that will see you ascending the ranks in no time at all!


  • Nobby
    Just got this one .... Increase organic growth by exposing audiences to the brand through breakthrough viral communications It makes sense.
  • Nobby
    It was inspired by the fucking recipes site ... the good thing about this site is that you can click on the links and get the actual recipes. It's a shame you cannot click on these phrases and find companies that use them.
  • PaulH
    I work in the Social Media world and when I passed this round via email the other day it didn't go down very well...
  • PaulH
    My one top tip in the Social Media World is: "Maximise breakthrough by leveraging influencers"
  • BobF
    Id imagine it didnt go down well because they all believe they work hard coming up with these things and fear they are no longer needed, or that someone will realise theyre just talking utter rubbish.
  • The B.
    Been reading popbitch again haven't we?
  • Ni!
    Spanish version:

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