Take the strain out of telling tele-sales people to do one

Here's the thing. My telephone is there for my convenience, not yours and certainly not that of sales-people. Having trouble getting hold of me? Good. I don't want to pick up the handset right now thanks, I'm busy. Thing is though, if you don't have caller display or a number is withheld then your mind starts racing. Somebody could be hurt or in trouble. Or will it be another bleeding recorded message announcing you're the one millionth customer to blah blah blah.

No more. Say hello to trueCall, your new best friend. This marvel of technology will ensure you never answer to an unwelcome dick in a headset again.

It puts an end to telemarketing calls, silent calls, recorded messages and fax machines - you let it know about those friends and family members who you're happy to speak to. Any numbers you've added to your 'zap' list will never even cause the phone to ring. If an unknown caller rings, trueCall will take a name and number and let you know. Brilliant.

Now, if they can produce something similar to fit across my front door, that'd be marvelous. Cheers.

Stop Nuisance Calls With trueCall [Gizmodo UK]


  • Lam
    brilliant gadget. If you can't get your hand on one then register online with the TPS - The Telephone Preference Service. Its free and as they say " It is a legal requirement that all organisations (including charities, voluntary organisations and political parties) do not make such calls to numbers registered on the TPS unless they have your consent to do so" and " The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is responsible for the enforcement of these regulations " I registered last year and only once since have I received a telemarketing call. When I told the caller I am registered with TPS and its illegal for them to be calling me, they hung up pronto. Here is the link to TPS http://www.mpsonline.org.uk/tps/
  • Dave
    Well duh... why waste money on a "gadget" like this when you can opt out. Hardly a good tip....
  • Paul N.
    In my experience not all opt-outs work so well... Yes they are in breach of the law but in reality it's not always so simple to sort it out. The other alternative is drop the landline and just use your mobile.
  • Dave
    All opt outs? I thought there was only one opt out for phonelines? Never had any problems with the phone opt out myself... maybe it is hit and miss.
  • David P.
    Most phone companies offer a Anonymous Caller Rejection service whereby if someone calls you with a withheld number, they simply hear a message telling them that the person does not accept anonymous calls. This can usually be activated by dialling *227# but there is normally a charge for this service.
  • The B.
    [...] (but not from PC World) with the way the government is going.  We’re not Wilf Butler, and telesales people know that when they find and reuse our public info.   So beware of the online phishing scams and [...]
  • Tim K.
    Unless i'm mistaken the TPS registration thing although it can cut down on calls will still let some through as foreign call centres do not have to follow the same rules. Something along those lines anyway read it a while back.
  • Paul N.
    Yeah that was my experience Tim but I don't know if it is allowed or just some companies playing fast and loose.

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