Take the fun of out office frivolity with the iBum

It's the most pointless invention ever. Anybody who has gone to the effort of clambering onto a photocopier while bladdered will realise that it's effort involved that matters - nobody actually wants or needs a black and white image of their own arse. It's a deal breaker in this situation, but one seemingly lost on the inventor of the iBum. Every ounce of fun has been wrung out of the traditional act of office defiance, reducing it to nothing more rebellous than sitting down for tea and biscuits:

You dare to wonder if the designer has a sense of humour since his introduction starts with the near-classical quotation:

"The arse is the window of the soul."

Then you read the rest of his musings on the act of photocopying backsides, and they only go to confirm he's madder than Mad Jack McMad. No word yet if they'll ever be available to buy at Staples.


  • Jase
    I didn't even find this funny, its just sad. But its weird because its presented in a way that's supposed to be funny (quirky music etc.). Even the people are like "erm yeah, I sat on this chair and here's a pic of my arse."
  • numberwang
    lol @ the girl sniffing the picture of her own arse wtf?
  • Nobby
    To be rebellious, surely you would have to drop your kecks and sit on it with a naked ars.
  • Shawn P.
    what a bunch of loser freaks!!!!
  • Jase
    "To be rebellious, surely you would have to drop your kecks and sit on it with a naked ars." Yeah, but there's nothing really rebellious about having a naked arse whilst sat in a chair...its the whole idea of being precariously balanced on the photocopier (relatively high up, not like this lounger chair) in a room that's pretty exposed. The iBum's idea is based on doing something rebellious in a stealthy way...which is pointless!

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