T-Mobile 'ghost' calls - more Bitterwallet readers affected

Bitterwallet - T-Mobile logo - featuredYesterday we reported the incident of a T-Mobile customer being charged for 'ghost' calls he claims were never made. Bitterwallet reader Justin challenged the service provider over two calls listed on his bill that he can't remember making and that weren't listed in his handset's call log.

Furthermore, both numbers were charged for on the basis they didn't fall within his inclusive minutes - despite the fact they were both to UK mobile numbers - and one call lasted 39 seconds to a disconnected number. Each time, Justin was charged 26p. T-Mobile couldn't explain how the calls had appeared on Justin's bill, only that they were aware something “strange” was going on, and that their technical team were investigating this “computer glitch”.

The issue is that very few customers study their itemised bill in any detail - T-Mobile may only be charging 26p for these ghost calls, but this aberration could be affecting thousands of people. And would T-Mobile inform customers that they'd been overcharged? They didn't in Justin's case.

Perhaps we're being paranoid. Maybe it was a one-off? Not so, according to Bitterwallet readers.

Jim has been in touch to say he was billed for a ghost call made on 15th April to a Three mobile number for a duration of four seconds. T-Mobile charged him 26p for it; when he disputed it, the customer service adviser promised a refund. Another reader, Andrew also reports being charged 26p for ghost calls from him handset; T-Mobile were unable to tell him how the error occurred.

That's now three different customers who have been charged 26p a time for a number of calls they never made. This is clearly a more widespread issue than one customer being affected. T-Mobile has over 13 million customers in the UK - If 10% of customers are being charged for a single ghost call at 26p per time each month, T-Mobile will be overcharging customers to the tune of nearly £340,000 per month.

We've contacted T-Mobile for a statement on this, and to ascertain exactly how widespread the issue is.

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  • Steve G.
    The problem is made potentially worse by the fact that most customers are charged extra for itemised bills - many do not pay the extra - how fair is that? #UNFAIR

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