Sweet muscular Jesus! It's the return of... In The Shops Now!

For those of you who don't know about In The Shops Now!, it's a look at products you can buy in-store or online, that don't make a whole lot of sense. Sometimes the product is without any redeeming qualities, sometimes it's promoted in a way to encourage you to buy it, without there been any genuine benefit in doing so.

It's a case of the latter in this first example of Tesco Yellow Label fever; you might have walked straight past the delicious rice pudding if it hadn't been for the yellow label catching your eye. And because it's a yellow label, your brain is trained to believe it's a bargain, even when the same product is available on the next shelf for less. It's not a case of Tesco securing an extra penny, it's a matter of securing an extra sale:

Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Jeff for the pic. Any more promotional peculiarity? Send it to [email protected]


  • Coupey
    It's only a penny cheaper if you're only after custard - we can't see how much the rice pud is.
  • Martin
    They are different products. For £2.00 you get three separate tins, whereas for £1.99 you get three tins in a pack. The single tins require less effort - you do not have to open the pack or dispose of the extra packaging when you get home. There is a 1p premium for this. Plus it looks like the Tesco Tin Denter has been having a go at the three packs.
  • johnny
    am i missing the shelf edge label offering a 3 pack containing 2 rice and 1 custard or 2 custard and 1 rice?
  • BiggerDave
    Nobody should be buying products from Devon anyhow, not with what they did during the war. As bad as the French!! My Grandad would turn in his grave, if we hadn't gone for the fitted coffin option.
  • jsoap
    Whats even worse is Tescos habit of seling larger packs sizes, at higher prices (per gram) than the smaller packs. For example check out own brand coffee and pasta sauce. Most shoppers assume that larger packs mean better value. Not alwaays so.
  • Stolendiagram
    If you'll look carefully at the photo, the 77p each cans are LOW FAT - the 3 packs next to it are not Sorry to pick a hole in your clever post, but it really isn't.
  • The B.
    To be fair it does say "Ambrosia Rice or Custard", which I would guess probably includes the low fat stuff.
  • matt a.
    this is nonesnse the two are clearly different products
  • johnny
    the real bob yes it probably does but the whole point of the post was to show 2 identical products side by side which wasn't done. for all we know from the picture tesco could sell the 3 pack for 2.19 making the 3 pack a bargain when single not on offer and the 3 singles as multibuy a bargain vs the 3 pack when on offer. Actually its neither case as the 3 pack isn't sold accordign to their site so irrelevant as the whole thing. that was beside the mix and match 'power' not given by 3packs.
  • James
    Reminds me of when i was shopping for child's booze...... http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v27/JamesUK/?action=view&current=wkd.jpg
  • Lol
    Jeez such quality posts, you need to get out more.... "And because it’s a yellow label, your brain is trained to believe it’s a bargain...." Only if your a fucking moron.... Carry on....
  • kungfu
    they are different products one is low fat, getting desperate on here :-( quite sad,
  • ladylovesit
    I feel a strong need to chew my own arm off approaching .... nom nom
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