Surprise! Unless it's a Christmas present sent from Amazon

Christmas is all about giving, but it's all about surprises, too. But mostly it's about giving if you happen to be Amazon, as The Consumerist reports today.

A kind and caring uncle ordered a copy of Tales of Beedle the Bard for his 13-year-old nephew. How sweet! He paid extra to have the gift carefully wrapped by Amazon. How generous! He had it ordered and delivered to his nephew's home in time for Christmas. How thoughtful!

Sadly, not only did Amazon gift wrap the present, but they then proceeded to package the book in a box with the title printed all over it:

We called Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for a quote concerning the spoiled surprise. Bezos said he thought it was common knowledge that Warwick dies in the new season of CSI, and that Prison Break's Michael Scofield needs the information in Scylla to cure his tumour. Damn you, Bezos.

[The Consumerist]


  • Martin
    Don't blame Amazon, blame the baby Jesus. If it wasn't for him, this would never had happened.
  • Crissy
    Does Warwick really die in the new season of CSI?? :(
  • Bulldog
    Well, Warwick did get shot in the head at the end of the last series!!
  • Rich
    Santa doesn't exist either peeps
  • ODB
    ^^^ or the wombles
  • Bob
    Ah, it could have been worse, the poor little tyke could have been expecting it, this box turns up and there's a dolly or summat inside.
  • Blondie
    Well, Warwick did get fired from the series after being caught in real life with a whole load of drung...of the none prescription nature!!
  • Blondie
    oooppsss Drug is what I meant!
  • acecatcher3
    lol at the spelling mistakes on bitterwallet

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