Supermarket 'Special Offers' Exposed spending many shameless evenings stalking the women stamping the yellow stickers in ASDA (I was not the only one), I should have learned the lesson that just because something is on offer doesn't mean that I will actually need it nor eat it.  Especially when the next day, buyer's remorse kicks in.  Especially when the next day, it starts looking a bit funny or smelling a bit weird.

In a survey conducted by Which?, over 50% of shoppers said they buy goods at supermarkets purely because they were on offer, and not because they need them.  That means that you may very much be like me, hoodwinked by the lure of a yellow sticker. If so, this recent investigation conducted by Which? may piss you off even further, to realise that few supermarkets have been following new government voluntary guidelines on offers introduced in May of this year.

The guidelines suggest that items must be sold at the normal retail price for at least 28 days before it goes on offer, with the exception of food getting to its used by date. The Which? study's mystery shoppers monitored the prices at supermarkets over the course of 3 months, and discovered that some of these 'offers' actually lasted for the entire duration - meaning that there wasn't really anything 'special' about them after all. 

In light of the research results,  Waitrose and Sainsbury's were contacted retrospectively, and responded by saying that they would review the voluntary guidelines to 'train' staff better.  Fantastic. I'm certainly happy with my 1.75L £3 for 2 Tropicana orange juice at ASDA for the last few months, so please don't take that away from me.


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