Superhero outfits now more super!

superhero Do you like dressing up as a superhero? Would you like a superhero suit with some special powers other than the slightly unsavoury ones you get up to in said suit?


Well then, hurrah all round, as Marvel have teamed up with Morph Costume Co to launch a range of interactive outfits! The suits - based on Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain America or Deadpool - now come with an augmented reality app.

And, get this, the costumes also have an augmented reality add-on, which means that they have 'built-in super powers' if you purchase the associated smartphone app.

Morphsuits co-founder Gregor Lawson said: "Creating Marvel costumes has long been a dream of ours and they are easily the most popular requests from our fans - we've had over 50,000 searches for Spider-Man alone on our website.

"So when the opportunity arose we wanted to make sure they were the best costumes ever produced and that's what we have achieved. We have added augmented reality markers that bring super powers to life - enabling wearers to virtually sling webbing from Spider-Man's hands, fire repulsors from Iron Man's palms or unleash Wolverine's Adamantium claws. We haven't quite cracked invincibility, Spidey senses or accelerated healing yet, but we're working on it."


Actually amazing.

It's going to make your next Fathers For Justice protest or potential sex-ups quite an experience. However festival season may become even more intolerable.


  • ihateputtingnamesin
    That look so shit it's almost unbelievable.
  • jim
    am i the only one who doesnt know wtf an augmented reality add-on is? what is it? i demand to know!!!!!!!!!!!
  • LegoBatman
    @ jim I think its like a strap-on, isn't it? Chill n' Flex.
  • jim
    lol LegoBatman !

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