Superdrug bringing £225 skin cream down to £9.99

superdrug skin cream Hey! Skin cream fans! Would you prefer to pay £225 or £9.99 for a luxury product for your epidermis? That’s the question that Superdrug are asking as they prepare to launch a budget version of a fancy, expensive skin cream.

Their Optimum overnight skin renewal serum will hit the Superdrug shelves in October and its says here that it uses the fruit of the Uttwiler Spatlauber, a rare apple tree that is normally used in high-end, uber-expensive skin care products.

Superdrug’s Andrew Groom told the Daily Mail: “In today’s economic climate customers are getting savvier in their skincare shopping. Why spend £200 on a jar when you can buy the exact same active ingredient for a tenner?”

“In our product customers are paying for the ingredient; not glossy advertising, photographs of an airbrushed supermodel or fancy packaging. ‘With cutting-edge skin care such as this it’s the active ingredient that counts.”

Mind you, this WAS in the Daily Mail, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they’re telling us that the stuff could give you cancer before the year is over.

Hmmm, that reminds us. We must dig out some of our old albums by early 70’s prog rock pioneers Uttwiler Spatlauber…


  • Junkyard
    But when the active ingredient is bullshit, it's only the glossy supermodel packaging that counts. Oh, and Uttwiler Spatlauber rocked, I was totally into them before you guys.
  • Louise
    As a skincare buff (or bore, depending on your point of view), the only proven topicals that are effective on skin are Vitamin C (in the AM, under sunscreen) and Retin-A at night. That's all you really need. The puffed-up claims from L'Oreal et al really, really annoy me. Especially the celebrity-endorsed ones, when it's plain they've been botoxed/fillered/liposcutioned/scalpeled to the max yet are happy to spread their lies.
  • zeddy
    Ladies, just get your bloke to jizz all over your face and rub it in. Hey Presto! The best, most natural form of protein and vitamins around. Be nice to him (or not) and he'll "dispense" some for you at least daily.

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