Sunderland shopping centre insanity - burn them all!

If true, this is insane. A father in the North East was threatened with arrest for... actually, can you guess what for?

a) punching a horse

b) defecating in a nun's mouth

c) taking a photo of his own child on a coin-operated ride

Yes, the father was shopping at Bridges Shopping Centre in Sunderland, and seated his son on a coin-operated train ride. He took a photo of him with his cameraphone, and alleges a security guard ordered him to stop taking pictures, implying he was a paedophile for doing so.

I shit you not.

According to Boing Boing, when the father left the shopping centre with his child and wife, he was stopped by the police. The security guard had allegedly reported him as a "suspicious potential paedophile" and the officer threatened to arrest him "for creating a public disturbance". He was ordered to delete the photo of his son, which he didn't, and nor did he delete his photo of the security guard.

The link to the blog post by the father is down at the moment - it probably wasn't expecting the traffic put its way by Boing Boing. Regardless, common sense dictates he must be stoned to death for his crime against children. Dirty pediatrician.


  • Iain
    A ride-on train with a monocle? Now I truly have seen everything.
  • Yahoo S.
    Funny how an innocent image can be considered pervy by someone. They should be more concerned by the security guard, he obviously sees sex everwhere. Worringly in this case as a small child driving a train.
  • Mick T.
    As a trial in one southern shopping centre they're giving security guards powers to hand out on the spot fines for public disorder offences within the grounds of the shopping centre. The end is nigh I tell thee.
  • MyOtherUserNameIsAFerrari
    Holy shit, it looks like a couple of woodpeckers have been taking into the Security Guards left leg. Any wonder he hates the world.
  • Tony
    Minimum Wage Shopping Centre Police......what a bunch of wankers - the security staff in this particular shopping centre are noted for their lofty attitude. Correctness gone completely and utterly MAD
  • F. F.
    Is he wearing some virtual reality headset?
  • phil l.
    That's disgusting. publishing a photo of a prick alongside a picture of a kid on a ride.
  • andy y.
    You have all been reported to the Witchfinder General.
  • oh d.
    Life gets more like Brasseye every day
  • Amanda H.
    Is the security guard wearing one of those TV hats?
  • wonky h.
    Why are we worried about protecting the privacy of the security guard?
  • Sing B.
    Look at the way that bald guy is standing there...I think it's a paedophile
  • Warwick H.
    Take a photo of a train in this country and you are an international terrorist, try it on your mainline station.
  • Brian
    Brain here. it's quite serious taking pictures in places where you are not allowed to. I read in the Sun today that these guys got arrested taking pictures at the airport at Delhi Airport.
  • Jack
    Thomas has aged a bit
  • Andy W.
    I worry about the sanity and motives of people like this security guard. If he has been instructed to behave like this then his bosses should be sacked. If he is behaving like this without his bosses say so then he should be sacked. How incredibly creepy of him. He (or his bosses) must seriously have some issues if they think a father taking pics of his own son is some form of paedophilia.
  • Pokey
    To be fair to the police officer in the original blog posting, his statement that the shopping centre is a 'hotbed of paedophile activity' is probably true. In cities where there is a large number of sex offenders, unfortunately the local large shopping centre is usually where you'll find most of them at any one time. Just ask your local Mothercare staff about the pervs they most likely get in; most have some real sick stories to tell.
  • The B.
    Punching a horse? Seriously? I understood that "punching a horse" was a popular past time amongst Geordie lasses come Saturday night, not the menfolk?
  • Sideysid
    That security guard is wearing some very dodgey sunglasses, maybe hes the one who should be kept an eye on...
  • Nobby
    I think the shopping centre should be sued for installing clearly fake Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends rides.
  • Anon
    What was a nun doing in Bridges Shopping Centre?
  • Chris
    Just reading through the comments on the Boing Boing page..... I like this one the best: "But they photograph us on CCTV all the time. The Government are paedophiles. Burn them!"
  • P. o.
    That is a very good looking young boy though. You have to side with the guard.
  • Steve B.
    I'm much more concerned that the boy appears to be alive and well with just a torso.
  • Jamesey B.
    I used to go to uni in sunderland and once saw one of the bridges security guards grab a 10 year old kid who was smoking (not allowed to in the bridges - even before smoking ban) bend his fingers back, pin him to the floor by his neck while yelling obscenities. Guess it really is zero tolerance there! Mind you, that place is full of odd balls, entirely populated by giro cashers, pensioners, disabled, teenage charva mums, down syndromes and every other 'special' type of person.
  • Me
    WTF?? So wrapped up in elf, safety and treating anyone as crims, the crims are havin a field day cos they're busy picking on innocent parents taking photos of their own kids! What is it with these jumped up twa!s who they give a "security" badge to? Powercrazy bunch of morons.
  • works s.
    do any of you realise what morons shop in sunderland? 95% of the public have mental issues, cant string a sentence together and are generally rude. Most people who shop in sunderland have no education or moral up bringing, These guards on a daily basis do a fantastic job keeping people like me who work in the centre safe. they deal with drunks, druggies and sausage rolls. so all of you shut up. he was just doing his job. ask centre management there is a no photos rule instead the centre. simple. imagine if this guy had of had perverted intentions this would be a totally different conversation wouldnt it??
  • PHIL S.
    I have also visited "The Bridges", I was accused of "touching a child's head" whilst passing him/her. I was then stopped in my car in 'The Bridges' roof top car park by 3 "Security Guards" whilst one then grabbed me by the neck, began heaving me about then threw me into the car whilst continuing to mal-handle/ punch me causing various dental injuries before calling the police and accusing me of also being a "PAEDOPHILE". They actually had me "ARRESTED" for "PUBLIC DISORDER". I do NOT invent ANY of this. I have, via Sunderland County Court, obtained all pertinent CCTV/Video recordings concerning this MOST SERIOUS a perfectly well intended. perfectly innocent customer. There were NO GROUNDS for ANY charges against me and NO further action was taken against me. I remain EXTREMELY TRAUMATIZED since this experience last August. I actually returned 2 days later to try and confirm the existence of nearby CCTV, however was approached AGAIN by further "Security Guards" who AGAIN called the police, alleging AGAIN that I was a "paedophile". They then attended, stopped me in my car, by the main road and demanded I DELETE ALL MY MOBILE TELEPHONE PICTURES (whilst surrounded by 4 police officers). Incredible as this seems I DO NOT exaggerate a single word and am FULLY INTENT on pursuing fitting, indeed substantial ACTION as a consequence. PHIL
  • conveyancing
    I'd have to agree with you. Which is not something I will usually do! I enjoy reading posts that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!
  • multifonction
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