Summer boozers, all hail the Flipflasks!

Bitterwallet - Flipflask

Running out of drink at a critical business is a rum do. Or not. And there's many a party pooper who won't let you take booze into a summer gig with their oppressive bag searches.

Help is at hand, and at heal. A pair of Flipflasks will let you store liquid in the soles of your flip-flops for booze smuggling purposes. The shoes only hold about 90ml, so nothing too outrageous will be occurring - it's more about illicit sips of drink to keep you strong, like a hipflask.

And nobody's going to suspect a red-nosed gent pouring whisky out of his shoes, now are they?


  • Darren
    And if you step in cow pat in one of the festival fields, I'm sure the extra fibre will add to the taste. what a stupid and dangerous in terms of health, idea this is.
  • Marketing W.
    Must buy a pair in time for my next transatlantic flight.
  • Eric
    Great idea. 90ml of JD. Mixer from the bar. Then back to the tent for a refill.
  • Dick
    What a crap idea. If you want to get illiicit booze into a festival, all you need to do is buy some sausage skins - get sheep, hog and beef skins. Tie a knot in one end, then pour in some booze and tie off making it about the size of a small gobstopper. Swallow it. Repeat again and again with different skin/booze combinations. The weaker skins will rupture first, so you should tend to fill your sheep skins with the aperitifs. The hog will go next, followed by the beef, so reserve these for the harder stuff like malibu. If you need an alcohol hit a bit quicker, jump up and down. Not only will you get the alcohol hit without being seen to drink, the band playing will think you actualy like their music, so it is win-win. Also your alcohol cannot be stolen by the dirty-looking hippy bastards that end to frequent festivals looking for a good time. Vegetarians and vegans can go fuck themselves.
  • shinkyshonky
    Dick...your musings/tips are getting scarier by the day!!!!!!!!!
  • Dick
    @shinkyshonky Well if you want to prepare for tomorrow, you will need: An old shoebox (from a man's pair of shoes). Exactly 8" of white string and 6" blue wool (real wool, not acrylic). A ginger biscuit (any brand). A photo of an ex-lover (of the opposite sex). An empty angel delight packet (any flavour). A white dog turd (difficult to find these days, not like the 1970s). A Star Wars T-shirt (can have a logo or any character or ship on it except Jar Jar Binks). One of those things you put in your mouth to make you sound like a bird. See you tomorrow.
  • Jim
    This things are awesome..Can't wait to get a pair.. Darren no danger with these if you have alcohol in them, it will kill any germs..

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