Submerged car sold on eBay

toledo Cast your mind back to the mists of time (Christmas) when half of the country was seemingly underwater.

Great, yeah? Erm, anyway.

A submerged car, which became the unofficial symbol of the Somerset floods, has apparently been sold for £101,100 on eBay.

The Seat Toledo was sold by Hubert Zajaczkowski to raise money for a charity.

The car was abandoned near Muchelney on Christmas Eve and would soon be seen on news reports, popping up and bobbing along underwater-ly like a four-door whale.

In the sale description, Mr Zajaczkowski wrote:

"Genuine Seat Toledo from the floods in Somerset. Obviously NOT in working condition, but my aim is to sell the car and donate the money to a charity which is helping with the floods. Any questions please message me. Collection only."

Collection only!

Mr Zajaczkowski is new to the eBay game, and is not sure if the bid is genuine or not, but according to eBay's terms and conditions, a bid or purchase on eBay is considered a contract and you're obliged to purchase the item unless the seller is willing to cancel the transaction. So there.

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  • jo
    You can't MAKE somebody pay. If they refused to they would get an unpaid item strike which is 'invisible' to other ebay members and thus pretty pointless. A lot of ebay charity auctions employ measures such as only allowing members with a good feedback history, or pre-approving bids for auctions like this.

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