Students invent cure for kebab

23 August 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Three German students have created a drink which they claim gets rid of 'kebab breath'. Nothing can be done about kebab bowel yet.

The mixture, which they're calling 'Papa Turk', includes ginger, cloves and chlorophyll as well as mint, tea and lemon.

Jan Plewinski and Roman Will came up with the idea after they'd be down the pub, obviously.

The first batch of kebab-cure tasted like "soup with old socks", so they roped in Tobias Balke, who was studying the science of drink, for some help.

After months of "frustrating" attempts, they now think they've nailed it and, after initial tests in a kebab shop in Bielefeld, the product has been deemed successful enough to have 10,000 bottles delivered to German takeaways.

So next time you have a kebab and pull, a bottle of Papa Turk might just be the tonic to stop your breath from making your amorous intention dry-heave in your face.



  • zeddy
    Who the hell puts weeds in their kebab!?
  • Chewbie
    ^ Whad wrong wit dat?
  • ipeters345
    Thought a cure for Kebab was low alcohol drinks?
  • So T.
    Drinking Tennant's helps as well. If you're a fucking Tennant's drinker....
  • badger
    Ha ha! Great feral kebab of the week!

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