Students - get 10% off books for university

student So there's a chance that you're a student who has just gone back to university this weekend, or indeed, you're a fresher who is finding their way around your new digs. Either way, your money is going to disappear very quickly indeed.

One of the things you'll resent spending money on, is books. Of course, there are ways of getting books for free in certain places on the internet which we couldn't possibly mention, or indeed, you might want to go down the library and photocopy loads of pages of required textbooks.

If you need to buy some essentials though, like law books or set-in-stone reference books, then if you're having no joy on eBay or down the second-hand book shop, you can get on Amazon who are offering an extra 10% off textbooks, provided you're an Amazon student member.

This particular offer is valid until 23rd October, and you can get the money off books that are already discounted. The good thing is that you can sign-up free for 6 months.

Click here for your 6 month Amazon student account trial, but keep an eye on it because this will auto-renew, unless you cancel your account before the 6 months is up, or you set your account to not automatically convert before the trial period expires. It'll then cost you £39 a year. It is basically the student version of Amazon Prime.

To get your discount on the textbooks, you'll need to be an Amazon Student Member, where you can enter the discount code of TEXTBOOK10 at the checkout.

Now, get that sorted out and you can treat yourself to some jagerbombs and a fingering at a foam party. Enjoy!

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