Stuck for a logo for your supermarket? Every little helps...

Avid Bitterwallet reader Peter was moseying through South London the other day, when he spotted another store front to add to our ever-growing list which now includes Singhsbury's, Sellfridges and Michaelsoft Binbows...

Bitterwallet - Bromley Express - looks very similar to... Tesco, maybe?


  • BINU
  • Jack
    WTF?! I don’t know why companies bother doing this. It just makes their shop look cheap and nasty. Why bother trying to deceive customers with a shit rip off logo if you want customer loyalty and respect.
  • Jack
    p.s. Binu, well fucking done...
  • Jack S.
    p.s. Jack, well fucking done
  • WaWaWa
    There a dodgy estate agents in a dodgy part (Handsworth) of dodgy Birmingham that tries to pretend it is Barclays Bank. Muppits. Innit.
  • Jack
    Hahahaha @WaWaWa
  • Max
    It is for real - I work opposite - you don't get any clubcard points though.

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