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Bitterwallet - out od date pasty

We know it'll be difficult, but do try and move on with your day.



  • The B.
    Oh my God, it's turned the kids hair ginger, there's a court case there for sure, she'll make millions out of the story alone - "out of date pasty turned my normal beautiful baby boy into a daylight fearing ginger".
  • Red
    Wait. Do 99p stores sell pasties?
  • The B.
    Yes, but they turn you ginger apparently.
  • nick
    uhh, I think she's an idiot. doesn't she check the dates on stuff she picks up? why the hell is it a front page story?
  • PokeHerPete
    Its a nice supplement to her dole money.
  • Big G.
    How the hell do you know she is claiming dole? FFS there are bunch of judgemental twats on here.
  • The B.
    The article doesn't say she's on the dole: But from the lovely rose tattooed on her hand, the fact that she believes a pasty is a suitable snack for a 2 year old and the fact that she was pregnant at 19 you can't help but make assumptions, I mean it's hardly as though she put aside a promising career as a neurosurgeon is it?
  • Big G.
    @ The Real Bob - Like I said judgemental... Your claims are what I would expect from a rabid Daily Mail reader.
  • Bazinga
    She's probably most disgusted at his thieving technique, he's meant to eat it when he gets out of the shop with it in his pocket.
  • PokeHerPete
    @The Real Bob - Notice that the toddler is also wearing a Lacoste polo, such luxury can only be affordable if she was a neurosurgeon...or participated in benefit fraud on top of her dole money and money from pointless articles submitted to newspapers. To be honest Im completely on the fence now, I will judge her when she submits an article about the cigarettes she bought from the 99p shop for her kid taste like soap.
  • SteveG
    This is just rediculous! A five year warranty on Vaillant boilers, 24 hour callout AND service for £55 inc VAT? Who prints this nonsense?
  • Grumpy
    WTF Is dis real?
  • The B.
    @Big Graeme - You understand the irony of calling me a rabid Daily Mail reader right? Or does it only work one way in your world? Anyway, there's no doubting she's a chav but you're right, I don't dispute that she could have a perfectly good job in McDonalds.
  • Dick
    This is fucking ridiculous. That wanker tourettes guy prick that spent his cunting inheritence on fucking cocaine should be the shit main story.
  • Darren
    I think the question is, was there a receipt to prove it was sold after it went off as she might have purchased it days before and lots it in one of her rolls of fat? or had she already used that receipt to assist her boyfriend roll a spliff. all valid questions to the Teen Pregnancy Dole Statistic Girl....
  • Jolyon B.
    I say old chap any chance of putting up page 39 so I can try and win the £100 or has the Teen Pregnancy Dole Statistic Girl or one of her like already managed to win it?
  • Jolyon B.
    If I won the £100 I would buy boiler cover for only £55 give £20 to the poor tourettes guy to get some more Charlie and give £25 to the Teen Pregnancy Dole Statistic Girl to spend on out of date pasties to feed herself and offspring for the next month.
  • Gav
    The Real Bob hits the nail on the head. He did miss out that she's a single mother too. There's obviously some classy birds in Folkestone. And BTW, you only get the boiler service for £55 - the 5 year warranty will only be for new boilers they install themselves. PS: The Kaiser Cheifs suck.
  • Sgt U.
    Your right let’s not judge her. Stupid bitch.
  • Brad
    Out of date food - Check Child in involved - Check Worried Sick* Young Mother Mother with offending object in picture - Check Sounds like a claim up to me!....Wait! nobody actually died!? Fuck off you money grabber and get on with you sad existence! *Not actually worried.
  • Dick
    The giant cat did it.
  • Zeddy
    I really fancy one of those Luxury German Kitchens. Zey have vays of making you cook.
  • Nick T.
    A giant cat is spotted 25 times in one month? What, like almost every day? Presumably this story was sent in by its fucking owner after feeding it on biohazard pasties and now wants a bit of media fame. He should approach Channel 5; they'd make a damn series out of it. Omigod -- there's a giant bonsai growing in my garden! Somebody get me Max Clifford!
  • Laurz
    Nobody noticed that the pasty WASNT past it's use by date? It was only past its SELL BY date which is a totally different thing and food beyond it's sell by date is perfectly safe to eat. Also does anyone really belief that this ugly cow actually threw the food onto the floor?
  • Zeddy
    She'll be back. Those pasties are calling her. Is that 99p for two!? Where are these marvellous shops?
  • Jolting B.
    Surely she should of kept the pasty (albeit out of date) and thrown the ugly ginger offspring on the floor as the genes are superior
  • The B.
    @Big Graeme - I assume you're huffing, or perhaps you're away on one of those new age liberal retreats where you all discuss how you could be more self righteous and have less of sense of humour?
  • Dubhead
    shud of got won ov deese:
  • oliverreed
    Is the piss taking of gingers a British or Worldwide jape? I think I'd rather trade a ginger for a pasty? Nom pasty > ginger nastiness? Plus pasties can't breed thankfully.
  • bawbag
    Complete non-story it was only 3 days past its 'sell by date' not its use by date. Perfectly safe to eat. It is not like they become poisonous at the stroke of midnight!
  • Boris
    Has she still got the pasty? I'm starving.
  • Yue
    As above not the use by date and kept refrigerated properly would be fine to eat. What a shite paper, no research or common sense.
  • Local R.
    "I grabbed it out of his mouth and threw it on the floor" 1 fine for littering, please.
  • Alan B.
    For God sake show some empathy you heathens; someone had to actually have sex with her to produce that little ginger twat, bet she tasted worse than a 3 day old pasty.
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