Still some vouchers to be won at the HotUKDeals birthday giveaway

Picture 135Bitterwallet celebrates its first birthday next week. Yes, it’s true – we’ve been plaguing the life out of some of you for almost twelve whole months. But we’re merely a gang of saplings when compared to the behemoth of a website from whence we doth sprang.

We’re babbling on, of course, about the mighty HotUKDeals, which is currently celebrating its fifth birthday and has just passed the 200,000 member mark. Yep, half a decade of deal anarchy and crowd-pleasing crowd-sourcing has gone on over there, and they’re commemorating the occasion with a mightily generous giveaway.

It’s the world’s first ever online scratch and sniff competition a scratch and win online scratchcard type game, with a grand total of £20,000 worth of Zavvi vouchers to be nabbed by the site’s members.

There are only a handful of vouchers left to be won, so get yourself over to the site now. But be warned, if you’re not a regular contributor to the HotUKDeals community, you can’t enter the competition. Quite bloody right as well.

Have any of you lot got lucky yet? If so, don’t be shy – tell us how much you’ve won and what you’ve spent it on. And if you’re a newcomer who isn’t able to enter, there are still scores of fresh bargains listed every day to help you save cash and fill your living quarters up with stuff you probably wouldn’t have bought if it wasn’t cheap.

Hooray for HotUKDeals!!!


  • Amanda H.
    I've won RSI. The downside of that is there are no more hotmail accounts left ever.
  • me
    done it every day and always get at least 2 "sorry"s!!
  • The T.
    Me too, entered every day and not won a penny :(
  • lee
    I got a £2.50 voucher so far. every other time its been a sorry in each :(
  • Matt B.
    Lady luck granted me a £5 voucher. As grateful as I am it's still painful to hit 'sorry' on every following attempt.
  • SJT
    I've played every day so far, and won £2.50
  • Deanc1966
    I won a £2.50 Zavvi voucher too but have not been smart enough to work out how to use it on the Zavvi website !
  • Amanda H.
    If anything this comp has cost me money, I wanted to buy Call of Duty World at war (PS3), it was £25 at zavvi when the comp started. I held back just incase MR HUKD was kind enough to give me a few quid off. NOW the fecking game is £38.
  • Jack S.
    It's wank, I’ve played every day so far and not won a fukin thing :(. seems the newbies are winning HardUpKuntsDespise :(
  • Gaz
    I won a fiver on my second go, put it towards Psychoville on Bluray. Mint. Cheers HUKD
  • 2p4s
    Won a tenner so far!! I'm a greedy sod, so I've still been trying to get more!!
  • Matt
    £2.50 on about my 8th go :-)
  • Deanc1966
    Succeeded at last. The code is not entered on any of the Checkout steps, but on the "View Basket" page.
  • BG1
    yo i won da £100 one so i'm gonna bling ma merc wid new cheeeyooowons. brah
  • BG1
    Hooray for HotUKDeals!!! FUCK OFF SADO :)
  • Carlos J.
    won £2.50 eventually :) Had to search for over an hour on the shitty Zavvi site to get something for free :P all their previous £2.49 stuff miraculously went up to £2.95 for some strange reason, well all apart from the CD I got for Nowt :P
  • Vinay
    Done every day and been un-lucky alltime! Booh :(
  • DragonChris
    I won £10 :D (My only account, not a multi ;)) complete luck, and I loved it. Put it towards MW2 preorder - £35 now :)
  • Dai G.
    Ive tried everyday to no avail :( , had two flames once and that was the closest i came, usually 1 flame and rest Sorrys , *Sob*
  • Razmataz
    I have won twice - I won £10 on my first go and then a few days later I won £5 so £15 in total. First voucher went towards Resistance 2 and the second one will be spent on Assasins Creed.
  • MrRobin
    Played every day. Won nothing. On a side note, is HUKD broken right now?
  • Shempz
    Yep....can't get into HUKD either...must be down!
  • Q
    Won £10 on first day, but nothing since. Waiting to put it towards COD: MW2!! woohoooo
  • Andy B.
    Won £10 and not a newb. Put it towards 2100 xbox live points so I can get the new GTA 4 DLC when it comes out this month.
  • Rich
    Not a penny you lucky buggers.
  • Des
    How many posts do you have to make to be able to enter this comp.
  • BG1
    I have a small penis, which is why I talk like a gangster & a chavs lovechild, whose only education came from a teacher via text messaging and extra tuition from the care bears.
  • The B.
    ^^ Yo imposr im the real bg1 mfho :( dont dis me cos i'm a balla and need mummies permesion to go out wid da bigga boyz after 8pm. I luv the care bears, pleese don't h8 me on hkud jus cos i'm a dude wid a BIG imaginasion ;) i'm tinkin of b'in more gay bum sex wen im 21 to knot just pubic loo gay like kow brah

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