Stereotype alarm rings as frog found in French wine*

In recent weeks, we’ve brought you all the ingredients that you’ll need if you’re looking to rustle up a delicious plate of rat-infested beans served on a couple of slices of mouse-tinged toast. Now you can wash it all down with a nice glass of frog-flavoured wine from Asda.

That’s what Isolde Beesley from Leicstershire says she opened and slurped from on Boxing Day last year, and she has now hired lawyers to pursue a claim for compensation after allegedly suffering from stomach pains ever since.

Screen shot 2010-10-05 at 08.20.50

Asda say that it is ‘virtually impossible’ for a frog to enter their wine during the bottling process but nevertheless are taking the claim ‘very seriously’ and removed the wine, Moscatel de Valencia following the claim. Meanwhile, Ms Beesley’s solicitor, Michael Connor of TPS Solicitors, showed that he is no fool by saying: “Clearly, selling a bottle of wine apparently contaminated with a dead frog makes the wine unfit for consumption.”

We’ve done some maths and if current trends continue, we predict that ALL food with be infested with some kind of dead animal by the year 3851. That’s grim news for members of our as-yet-unborn families.

*Yeah, we know it's Spanish but the headline was just dying to be written. Sorry foreigners.



  • PokeHerPete
    ¿¿¿ IS DIS EL REALO ???
  • Len D.
    Reminds me of the leading legal case on "duty of care". Donoghue v Stevenson 1932 but on that occasion it was a snail in a bottle, not a frog!
  • Sh
    Realo señor si si
  • TeflonMan
    That frog looks rather small to me. Substandard. I bet they do this for export only, their own folks get full-size ones ...
  • Phil
    So she drank well over half the bottle before noticing it?
  • Phil K.
    Then stop eating or drinking, then
  • klingelton
    i suspect shenanigans.
  • One F.
    She also complained there was a worm in her tequila
  • Lumoruk
    Phil...shame Asda's lawyers didn't notice that, idiots.
  • glee f.
    stupid french, (i know it spainishshshshsh, i just h8 the french as well as the holland)
  • Darren W.
    What a load of tosh, look at how mirky the drink is and all the cr*p at the bottom as well, after pouring out well over half, anything to get a claim!!

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