Start The Week... without Andrew Marr

Good morning. I’m not Andrew Marr because I’m Andrew Dawson and this is Start The Week, but it’s not Radio 4 because this is the internet and not radio even though you can get the radio on the internet which makes this even more confusing than it’s already quickly becoming. But this post has been up since 7am and Marr’s Start The Week doesn’t kick off until 9am so who’s the REAL winner? Not you is it, big ears?

Later on I’ll be joined by art historian Jonathan Juniper-Bumberry who’ll be seeing how long he can suck a Minstrel; vague humourist Sandi Toksvig who’ll say something dull about something she saw once in Italy; and director Penny Woolcock, who directed the unforgettable documentary ‘The Wet House’ about a street-drinkers hostel in London. That's not a joke - it's an incredible film. She’s also on Marr’s show at 9am where she’ll be talking about her new movie – but she’s here now solely because her surname makes me giggle a bit.

None of that is true. In fact, where is all of this leading? Probably nowhere – it started off as a slightly cute way of rounding up three itemettes that have amused, intrigued and appalled us over the weekend. But now look at it – a 200 word-long shambles. So anyway here’s…

the world’s shortest escalator

a pair of slippers that may be made from babies

and the story of a 14-year old Chinese office worker who died when his swivel chair exploded up his arse.

Until next week, goodbye. I’m not Andrew Marr.


  • Andrew R.
    I'm confused, and slightly scared.
  • Steve C.
    Come to think of it, I don't think I am Andrew Marr either, WEIRD?!!
  • Andy D.
    @Andrew Robinson - better to start the week confused and scared than it is to end it that way.
  • Will
    This website is going down hill lol.
  • Len S.
  • P E.
    ive started every week without Andrew Marr so far with no ill effects!
  • Amanda H.
    Surely, you'd want an escalator to take you UP stairs?
  • The F.
    [...] of a philosophy of accuracy (or, indeed, inaccuracy). Read on, and wonder, and decide whether Andrew Marr doesn’t have something of the philosophically inaccurate about him, [...]

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