Spotify subscriptions are up!

spotify-logo Spotify have revealed that they've recruited 15 million subscribers in 2014. The streaming effort also revealed that it had 60 million active users as the year ended.

Not bad eh?

The blog on their site failed to go into much more detail as to where and who was subscribing, but it suggests that the bulk of the gain happened in the second half of the year.

Paying subscribers make up around 25% of the Spotify user base, with most of the growth coming from mobile devices - 42% on phones and 10% on tablets - with old school desktops providing 45% and 3% on the web player.

Spotify’s mobile explosion validates its decision to offer users free access to its streaming catalogue on IOS and Android smartphones and tablets late 2013 for the first time.

And this was after Taylor Swift took her back catalogue off the service too.

It's all set to get interesting in 2015 though, with Apple's Beats Music, Pandora and Google Play muscling in more and more into Spotify's manor and, of course, simultaneously, there's a vinyl revival afoot too! The heat is on.

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