Spotify Premium subscription drops by 20%... already?

Are Spotify in trouble already? Or are businesses keen to subsidise their outrageous running costs because they're the coolest kids on the block right now? Registered users of the online music service have received an email this afternoon, offering the Spotify Premium service (which offers no interruptions from commercials, higher sound quality, mobile app use, offline downloads etc) for a 20% discount over the next six months:

Bitterwallet - Spotify reduces subscriptions

Swiftcover clearly want the brand association, but subsidising the Premium service - doesn't that suggest the price is already a barrier in take-up for the service? There are a dozen other ways Spotify could have promoted their client without sending out the wrong signals. Spotify put on gigs and offer exclusive recordings for premium users - Swiftcover could have sponsored a series of these. There could have been a giveaway of Premium subscriptions. Neither of these options would potentially harm the current base of subscribers.

Clicking on the link to the offer produces a promo code at the online checkout - there are no terms and conditions mentioned in the email (that might suggest this is applicable to new customers only), so current Premium subscribers would be well within their rights to demand a reduction on their current rate.


  • Nick
    A cover for Swiftcover buying Spotify's premium customer list?
  • Paul N.
    Oooo a share on registered contact details would be dirty. Too dirty for spotify hopefully....
  • RazorD
    I'm actually interested in the list.. anyone got the link?
  • Adam
    I think if the price was always 7.99 a lot more users would sign up and they would make a lot more money, hope I get a mail.
  • CompactDstrxion
    I havent got this mail! I might have opted out of Spotify sharing my details, which would explain it.
  • Andrew R.
    That email says £8.99 for me!
  • Paul S.
    Andrew, can you send a screenshot or the mail to [email protected]? Ta!
  • Stuart
    The email says 4.99 for me!
  • CompactDstrxion
    Stuart, that has to be a windup!
  • Davey D.
    The email says 4.99 for me too!!!!
  • Tom
    £6.49 for me: Thanks to our good friends over at Swiftcover, you can register for a six-month premium subscription for only £6.49 per month, a 35% discount from our regular price of £9.99 per month.
  • milk
    Another 4.99 for me. Different prices depending on when you originally signed up? Thanks to our good friends over at Swiftcover, you can register for a six-month premium subscription for only £4.99 per month, a 50% discount from our regular price of £9.99 per month.
  • Myself
    Could it be they are testing the market for a price drop? Seeing how many people take up at each price point?
  • Rob
    Am I the only person in the world who is chuffed to bits with Spotify's free service?
  • Paul N.
    @Myself: That would make sense. If the take-up is too low and they wanted to test that this would be an easy cover.
  • Paul S.
    Tom, it's not a fail at all. If you're a current Premium subscriber, I'm sure you'll be thrilled to bits to hear that those who haven't supported the service have been offered it at half the price they already pay.
  • Andrew R.
    And those who have been in it from the very first closed beta are being conned more than someone who could've only joined last week!
  • Andrew R.
    Also, as an aside, I would definitely sign up if it was only a fiver a month!
  • chrisg.
    I pay, and am considering cancelling my sub because of this...
  • Paul S.
    If any folks have received the £4.99 email can you pass it on too, please? [email protected]
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. Please send me the £4.99 thing as well.
  • Matt
    @Brian Sure Bri, where should I send it?
  • Idiot
    Maybe the price points are a reflection of your usage. The people that use it least, and therefore cost Spotify the least amount, get it cheaper.
  • Fiyero
    I got an email offering me Spotify for full price and no mention of Swiftcover
  • Mark M.
    Yeah, as a Premium Member, i get squat... they've already got my money, so they ain't fussed about giving me a better price.... pfft... and to think I only signed up last month because of the iPhone app....
  • Hilly
    Same as me Mark M - I've cancelled it now mind you...
  • Tommy
    Can anyone with the £4.99 email pass it my way please? Ta
  • Tom
    I just emailed them - will let you know if they reply.
  • RazorD
    Is the link unique? I'd love a 4.99 subscription.. anyone feel like emailing it over? [email protected]
  • Andrew R.
    http://123456/HP?a=A9X7CkKSXwUXsOg3BOQKckPhyg That's what the link looks like (taken the domain out so they don't reg my click) so I'm guessing it's unique and not a discount code?
  • Niki
    I'v got the £8.99 email too but would definitely take up the £4.99 offer - please forward the email to plasticnikiATgmailDOTcom if you can! Thanks!
  • Jeffrey A.
    @Mark M & Hilly If you have iPhones then you're obviously big enough cunts to not give a shit about being done up the arse over being charged excessive amounts, for barely average services. Thats probably why they haven't offered you any real discount.
  • Dan
    So let me get this straight; this is a website for tight fisted people who want everything for nothing. Now a service supplier offers a considerable discount on a fairly descent product, it justifies a front-page slating suggesting that they're having difficulties, price cut is too early, blah blah blah? Yes I understand some people have been offered different prices which may cause some resentment, but this wasn't known when the article was written. So, to all companies out there thinking of offering a price cut, unless you want some piss poor, suggestive, negative press on the front page of a popular website, I would suggest don't bother. You just can't please some people.
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