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Avid Bitterwallet reader Simon is moving out of his three bedroom flat. Three cheers for Simon, there. Not uncommonly, he decided to look for similar properties in the area through Rightmove's intermaweb site. And not surprisingly, Simon stumbled upon the listing for the flat he currently occupied, which was being leased out by local property agents Adderstone Group.

What he wasn't expecting, however, was that the photographs in the listing appeared to be of a different flat altogether. They were certainly similar - another property in the same area, perhaps - but they weren't of the flat Simon was sitting in at the time. To prove the point, Simon took his own photos to provide a side-by-side comparison:

Bitterwallet - Right Move display incorrect photographs for property listing The identical tiling on the kitchen wall suggests that perhaps the two properties are owned or were refurbished by the same owner, whether that's Adderstone Group or another party. But why would somebody swap the photos? Because securing viewings on the promise of a different property isn't unehtical at all, is it?


  • confused
  • Jerec
    Jesus! Does EVERYONE have that Kitchen set?!? I got mine from MFI a few years back and I see it all the time! :o)
  • Steff
    the "WTF! IS DIS REAL?" comments suck........
  • Robert
    Surely someone interested in the property would go and have a look round it, rather then make their decision on 2 photos
  • BobF
    Depends, most people will look at the information sheets and make some sort of decision to view them based on it. Of course, if theres not a lot of choice or you arent bothered how it looks on paper, you might view everything.
  • thingy
    alternatively, of course, if an agent has a property on file from before, then why bother taking "new" photos when the old ones are still the same flat...?
  • ScottC
    I really am trying to "spot the difference" - never mind the tiling, those two kitchens are identical! In fact, one might say, they are the same kitchen....! Seriously though, am I missing something?
  • Paul S.
    thingy - it's not the same flat though, is it? The living room in one is far larger than the other. Look at the space to the left of the left hand door. Scott C - the oven is different, the units are different. It's a different kitchen, but possibly fitted by the same contractors (and on a similar budget).
  • Steff
    lol ScottC ...a lot of differences between the 2 kitchens...
  • Klingelton
    yeah, the kitchens are so different - the one on the left has a bulb out...
  • James
    Yup absolutely outrageous. You should sticky this article so it can be at the top of BW from now on and I suggest someone get the Police involved.
  • James
    I remember once when I went to hotel, but when I was showed to my room I noticed the layout was not the same as the one I saw on their internet site. Naturally I went fucking mad.
  • Klingelton
    wonder if trades descriptions applies to flats.

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