Spot the difference - Apple v Apfelkind

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing a massive global corporation coming down hard on a tiny organisation in a ruckus over a logo. No, not ‘sweeter’, what’s that other one? Ah yes, ‘shittier’.

And so we feel obliged to tell you about Apple’s threat to sue a small family-run café in Bonn, West Germany called Apfelkind (German for ‘apple child’). The gadget makers of America say that there could be confusion between themselves and Apfelkind though, and are demanding that they ‘cease and desist’.

Here – take a look for yourself. Chillingly similar isn’t it?



  • Boris J.
    Which one is which? It's that kind of sloppy reporting that makes articles difficult to understand.
  • Milky
    march of the (j)yobs jackbooted shit-eaters same types different technique, goal world domination via brute force! dirty dirty fuckers
  • JJ
    Are Apple gonna start sueing supermarkets soon incase shoppers confuse a granny smiths with an iphone?
  • LD
    Ive asked this before, but what about about the Beatles 'Apple Records' 1968??
  • LD
    PS See
  • The S.
    Whoo ha ha ha ha! Whoo ha ha ha! The world will hear of me again!
  • Dick
    I bought a Cox's Orange Pippin yesterday, and it won't connect to itunes. I want my money back. It was clearly sold as an apple.
  • Microsoft
    We've set our lawyers on SafeStyle. Bastards haven't got a licence to sell windows. We're also looking at Viagra sales companies as they sell stuff for small limp cocks.
  • kingkio
    all i see is a face in a red background?
  • The B.
  • dai
    @kingkio say what you see... what's Mr Chips doing?
  • Roy
    Ooh, Mr Chips? Is it a child kissing some red buttocks?
  • simurgh
    Be careful when you breathe fresh air so you don't violate Macbook Air's rights. Better get your oxygen bottle right now.
  • Steve O.
    [...] [...]
  • Jay
    Let's see when Apple starts sueing farmers.

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