Spelling enjoys a rest at the Holiday Inn

This has to be a wind-up. There's no way on God's Green Earth that a) a professional copywriter would write that, or b) management at Holiday Inn would sign-off on the designs. If you can't read the line of text underneath, it says:

"We are so popular that sometimes we simply rum out of space for you to hold your informal meeting, why not enuire at reception for the availability of one of our meeting rooms or syndicate rooms which can be hired by the hour?"

Seriously, you can spell 'syndicate' correctly, but not 'quiet'? Perhaps the customer service team at Three have diversified and moved into copywriting:

Bitterwallet - Holiday Inn spelling FAIL

[Tweetphoto] via @hirsty and avid Bitterwallet reader Matt


  • Rob
    I understand "quiet" was misspelled, but the fact that they used "no were" instead of "nowhere"? This has to be a hoax
  • Joff
  • PaulH
    Gotta be fake!...I mean...uhhhh
  • WaWaWa
    Given that Holiday Inn can't even cook simple meals without destroying them, the fact that they cannot spell is no surprise to be honest!!
  • zacspeed
  • Mr. M.
    F7. Spellcheck complete, no errors found, job done. Print, stick on wall, go down the pub.
  • Garry
    They "Rum" out of space for you too
  • Tom
    You also missed out the misspelling of "enquire"
  • Jack
    Thats fuking mentel!
  • Jack
    WTF are you on about Tom, there were various misspellings, they just cherry picked a couple of juicy ones.
  • Amanda H.
    Do they do duvets?
  • milky
    this is the norm these days. check out the new microsoft ads ie "reenactment" ..how the hell does that get passed the overpaid adverising standards agency et al?

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